About us

Quality & sustainability

Our houses and apartments have a special role to play: They make people happy! This is due in no small part to the high quality of their features, which really bring out the fascinating flair of the rooms. We attach great importance to exclusivity and individuality. We use only the best and most durable quality brands from leading manufacturers. This is something you can both see and feel!

Wherever possible, we also work with regional partners and with products that are as sustainable as possible. For example, the wood used in our houses is a renewable raw material that has the same insulation value as a solid build house, thus the walls being thinner.

All our projects are classified as low-energy houses. When it comes to heating systems, we work exclusively with modern air-to-water heat pumps (super-silent and usually without an outdoor unit). When it comes to residential buildings, the trend is clearly moving towards photovoltaics on the roof to supply power to communal areas, heat pumps for the underfloor heating, and ceiling cooling, which is particularly nice during the summer months.

When it comes to quality, we do more than just to promise it. We guarantee it.