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We have been building houses and apartments in the best locations for over 50 years - and we leave nothing to chance. At Glorit, you benefit from our literal one-stop shop service. From the purchase of the plot to planning, construction and completion, our long-standing employees coordinate every step so that you don't have to (worry about a thing). Not even on-site building supervision or time-consuming visits to the authorities.

Our consulting team is there for you seven days a week - even in the evening. And, together with independent financial advisors, they will also take care of your financial security, if you wish.  

Nothing could be easier. We always have turnkey houses and apartments available for you to view with our team of consultants. Seven days a week, even in the evening.

Alternatively, you can take advantage of our Open House appointments. You don't need to book - just come to the advertised dates and see our quality and advice for yourself. 

You will find all Glorit projects "very beautiful"! 😊

All current projects can be found on our website under the headings "Apartments", "Houses" and "Villas". Thanks to the intuitive search function, you can filter all projects according to criteria that are important to you, such as location, size, etc.

Or even quicker and easier: call our consulting team by dialling 0810 311900 (seven days a week, even in the evening). Our advisors know all the projects like the back of their hand and together you will find the most beautiful home for you. 

Expert tip: If you can't find the perfect home for you among the more than 100 projects currently available, ask our team of advisors to put your name down for the projects that are still in the planning stage. 

Our prices are very wide-ranging. They start at around 350,000 euros for a two-bedroom flat and go up to over 3 million for a waterfront villa.

Our focus is on your needs and professional advice. This means that our consultants work with you to determine your needs and find the perfect new home for you. Naturally tailored to your budget. The projects on the website serve as an initial indication of what we offer and as a starting point for our property journey together. We have over 100 projects in our portfolio, so you are sure to find the most cosy home for you.

So, why not give our team of advisors a call by dialling 0810 311900 (seven days a week, including evenings).

No obligation and free of charge - but by no means for nothing!  

Of course. In this case, you will receive a net price with VAT shown from our consulting team. A property from Glorit is always an excellent investment thanks to the highest construction quality and the best location!

We commission a property management company for all residential construction projects ( freehold apartments). In the case of house building projects, this is generally done for two or more units if it is a residential property community. The property management company is responsible for the billing of operating costs and the creation of savings.

Other tasks include collecting and paying taxes, monitoring the condition of the building, supervising house cleaning, representing the owners' association externally, e.g. to the authorities, convening the owners' meeting, which takes place at least every two years, and keeping the owners informed. Our customers pay a comparatively low fee to the property management company for this comprehensive service. 

In this case, one of the owners must agree to act as the invoice recipient, who then passes on the operating costs to the other owners.

A common area of a property is intended for general use. This applies, for example, to the stairwell, corridor, façade, lift, driveway or communal garden. If there is no usage regulation, all apartment owners have the right to use these common parts of the property equally.

The Vienna Tree Protection Act stipulates that replacement planting must be carried out for trees felled during construction work. This is a good thing. The good news for you is that you don't have to worry about anything. The tree species are planted by our partner specialised companies in accordance with the decision of the magistrate's district office.

This form of replacement planting does not exist in Lower Austria. 

Our "one-stop shop" service also applies here: the easiest way is to talk to your Glorit consultant. Together we will find the best independent financing partner for your needs from the wealth of options available.

Independent financing advisors are often the better choice compared to your house bank, as they offer a wider range of options, a complete overview of the market and, last but not least, often the best interest conditions - tailored to your individual options and requirements. In addition, we also have a direct line to some banks, which regularly offer us and our customers special rates and conditions.

The KIM Ordinance stands for the Credit Property Measures Ordinance and regulates the lending standards for the financing of residential property in Austria.

These three key figures will be the most important for you:

  • the equity share when taking out loans must be at least 20 % 
  • Housing loans may not run for longer than 35 years
  • the monthly repayment instalment may not exceed 40 percent of the available net household income

Important for you to know: there are exceptions (e.g. for interim financing) and, above all, exception quotas for the banks. This means that you have a good chance of obtaining financing if you fulfil at least one of the two minimum requirements mentioned above.

In addition, the KIM regulation only applies to Austrian banks. Banks in other countries, such as Germany, are not bound by this regulation and can provide financing for customers and properties in Austria. It is therefore worth calling the Glorit advisory team and their independent financial advisors, who will also find a customised financing solution for you at home or abroad. 

No. We only offer selected units for rent in addition to purchase.  

There is no difference in the fittings; you will also find the usual high Glorit quality in the rental properties. What all rental properties have in common is the carpenter's kitchen with branded appliances - this is not included in all houses or flats for sale. 

The gross rent includes all fixed costs, i.e. also the costs for property management, sewerage and waste water, rubbish collection, common areas, etc.

It does NOT include consumption-related costs such as electricity, heating, water, internet, cable TV, ORF licence fee, household insurance, etc. 

In addition to proof of identity (ID, registration form), we require a current employment contract and proof of salary for the last 3 months. 

You can sign the purchase option together with the rental agreement completely voluntarily, free of charge and without obligation. 

The purchase option can be exercised at any time during the first four years of the lease. The current purchase price is fixed in the purchase option and is consumer price-indexed.

Within the first three years, approximately one third of the gross total rent is deducted from the purchase price.

Example calculation: 
Gross monthly rent = 3,000 euros
Monthly deduction of one third = 1,000 euros
Agreed purchase price = 800,000 euros

Assumption: You exercise the purchase option after 15 months and the consumer price index has not changed.  
800,000 euros minus 15,000 euros = 785,000 euros = purchase price due for the acquisition of the property plus the usual ancillary costs. 

You don't have to decide today whether you really want to buy the property and can "try it out" for four years, so to speak.

Within the first 3 years, approximately one third of the gross total rent is deducted from the purchase price. However, if you already have the financial means to purchase the property, we can only advise you to buy immediately. Although this is a little against our own business, "now" is still always the best time to buy a property. 

Every Glorit project is classified as a low-energy house. For a low-energy house, the heating requirement (HWB) must not exceed 50 kWh per m² per year. All Glorit properties fall well below this value.

The following criteria also characterise a low-energy house:

  • Very good thermal insulation of the building envelope
  • Avoidance of thermal bridges
  • Standardised airtightness
  • Thermal insulation glazing
  • Efficient building services

Compared to low-energy houses, passive houses offer even "better" energy values, but we are convinced that they are significantly less liveable, e.g. due to fewer large window and lighting areas and therefore less daylight. 

Sustainable construction is very important to us. We have been building our houses from the renewable raw material wood for over 50 years. This fact is not only pleasant for our descendants, but also offers a particularly pleasant indoor climate and a cosy feeling of living. Wood is certainly one of those building materials that will regain relevance in the future. 

Another important factor is our high-quality wood/aluminium windows with excellent thermal insulation values. And the modern and particularly effective façade system impresses with insulation made of mineral rock wool.

In both cases, we rely on long-term, regional partners and the best brand quality for maximum durability.

About the heating system: We have been using efficient air-to-water heat pumps in house construction for years, which generally do not require an outdoor unit and do not cause any noise. This means you are gas self-sufficient and save CO² as well as energy costs. The built-in cooling function also enables a temperature reduction of up to 3° C in the summer. This makes air conditioning unnecessary, at least for most days of the year. In residential buildings, the heat usually comes from the ground and, in combination with thermal component activation, creates a cosy indoor climate at any time of year. 

Our residential buildings are equipped with photovoltaic systems on the roof, which supply the general area with the inexhaustible energy of the sun. Some of our house construction projects have PV systems already installed, and all our houses are prepared with empty pipework for easy refitting. 

There is an empty conduit directly at the car parking space in all the houses, which you can use to connect your car to the power supply very easily with an authorised specialist electrical company. Of course, we can also take care of this service (for a fee) if you wish.

A wallbox/power connection for your car park can also be installed in our underground car parks in residential buildings. 

The following applies to all high-voltage power connections in house and apartment buildings: Availability subject to the capacity of the network operator. So far, it has always worked. 😊

We use heat pumps in a wide variety of designs and with the latest technologies in our residential buildings. Most of these heat pump systems also reduce the room temperature by a few degrees in summer via the underfloor heating. The particularly comfortable ceiling cooling ensures a pleasantly cool head, which is also wonderfully gentle on the body without cool draughts.    

In the Glorit houses, we equip all rooms (including the basement) with comfortable underfloor heating. This is fed by a modern and whisper-quiet air-to-water heat pump from Stiebel Eltron, which generally does not require an outdoor unit. Especially "cool": In summer, you can cool the room temperature down by up to approx. 3° Celsius with this system.

A decisive guarantee of quality is our " one-stop shop" service. Your advantage: We take care of all areas of construction and official processing, from individual consultation and planning through to completion. The individual trades are coordinated by us and interlock perfectly. In addition to the expertise of our employees, long-term partnerships are the foundation for the highest construction quality and reliability.

Glorit has been awarded the following quality marks and quality standards, among others:

  • 7 x Top Developer (2017-2024) 
  • Golden seal of quality from Bauherrenhilfe
  • 3 x "Austria's Best Managed Company" Award (2021-2023)
  • "Austria's Leading Companies" Award (2022)
  • Seal of approval from Austria's Leading Companies (2023)  
  • 2x Immy Award (2022-2023)
  • Market leader for prefabricated houses in Vienna with over 50% market share (Interconnection study 2024) 
  • KSV1870 credit rating label

And something else speaks irrefutably in favour of Glorit: over 12,000 satisfied customers.

Depending on the construction phase, you can work with our team of architects to customise, design and influence many aspects of your new home. Our competent and qualified employees will be happy to advise you and look forward to meeting you in person.

Every Glorit house is a low-energy house. In a low-energy house, the heating requirement (HWB) must not exceed 50 kWh per m² per year. All Glorit properties fall far below this value.

The following criteria also characterise a low-energy house:

  • Very good thermal insulation of the building envelope
  • Avoidance of thermal bridges
  • Standardised airtightness
  • Thermal insulation glazing
  • Efficient building services

Compared to low-energy houses, passive houses offer even "better" energy values, but we are convinced that they are significantly less liveable, e.g. due to fewer large window and lighting areas and therefore less daylight.  

An energy performance certificate is issued for all Glorit houses and apartments and is handed over to you when you sign the contract. This is comparable to the type certificate of a car. The energy certificate contains the technical (energy) parameters of the house. We ensure that your new home is energy-optimised right from the planning stage. This protects the environment and saves energy costs in the long term.

Would you like to find out more? We'd love to!

The following key figures are shown in the energy performance certificate:

  • The energy index indicates the thermal quality of the building envelope of your home. This tells you how many kWh (kilowatt hours) you need per square metre of surface area per year.If you know the price per kWh, you can easily calculate the energy costs per year
  • The heating requirement describes the expected energy consumption for heating.This naturally depends on your individual usage behaviour
  • The climate data depends on the location of your home. Based on the long-term average values, the average number of days per year that heating is required is calculated
  • The heating load determines the output your boiler should have. This ensures that the available energy is optimally utilised
  • The transmission heat loss determines how much energy escapes to the outside. Every house loses energy through the building envelope, such as windows, ceilings, etc.
  • Ventilation loss refers to the energy required to heat up the indoor air again after ventilation
  • Internal gains are the sum of the heat given off by people and appliances inside the building
  • Solar radiation through glazed surfaces also generates energy gains. This converted heat is defined by the value "solar gains"
  • The U-value describes the heat transfer per square metre of wall surface between the inside and outside

Glorit houses are manufactured as wooden frame houses in accordance with ÖNORM B 2320. This standard states that a service life of at least 100 years can be expected if the house is properly maintained and used for its intended purpose. Incidentally, the oldest timber-framed house in Germany dates back to 1596 and is located in Dirmstein. 

Firstly, wood is a particularly sustainable and renewable raw material. This is not only relevant for our descendants, but also creates a particularly pleasant indoor climate and a cosy living environment. Wood is certainly one of the most sought-after building materials of the future. Entire office blocks are now being built using timber construction technology.

For technicians and number crunchers: Wood frame construction achieves the same insulation values as solid houses with a thinner wall thickness. In urban locations with tighter development, up to 10 m² more living space can be generated in this way for a detached house with the same floor plan and the available building land can be optimally utilised. Other advantages include more precise and faster construction. Of course, we can also build solid houses on request.

A cement screed, as used at Glorit, offers better impact sound, better mechanical stability and is more resistant to moisture than a dry screed due to its mass. The cement screed is also ideal for underfloor heating, which is included in the standard scope of services on all floors of our house projects, including the basement. 

Our partner, the Austrian family business Hrachowina, has been committed to manufacturing high-quality windows and doors for generations. The aluminium surface of a wood-aluminium window on the outside is highly weather-resistant and maintenance-free. In addition, the aluminium coating opens up a wide range of colours, which are also UV-resistant. The high-quality wooden interior conveys exclusive living. Compared to PVC-U, timber offers a much higher quality of living and stability. All windows are fitted with well-insulating triple glazing with a Ug value of 0.6 W/m²K.

Without exception, we hand over our freehold apartments turnkey. All you really need are your keys - and then it´s your turn to move in.

The basement is already included as standard in our house projects - with very few exceptions where, for example, the groundwater level speaks against it.

"Ready to finish plus":
Even though this equipment comes as standard with us, it offers far more than a standard version. 

The following services are included in the " Ready to finish plus" version:
- Complete handling by the authorities
- All connection services and fees (gas, water, electricity, sewerage, telephone)
- Individual detailed clarification
- High-quality full basement including screed and underfloor heating 
- Plastic basement windows with triple insulating glazing
- Exterior walls with high-quality STO thermal insulation composite system
- Walls and ceilings fully levelled and painted (incl. basement)
- Cement screed on all floors for increased sound insulation
- High-quality wing-covering security entrance door from Hörmann or equivalent
- The patented Evva brand locking system offers additional security
- Wood-aluminium windows with triple insulating glazing from the Austrian brand manufacturer Hrachowina
- Electrically operated roller shutters from ROMA
- Heating with modern Stiebel Eltron air-to-water heat pump
- Underfloor heating on all floors including the basement rooms as planned
- Optional: air conditioning in all living areas according to the contract plan
- Electrical installations also in the basement in flush-mounted design
- Interior staircase from carpenter in parquet wood design
- Entrance staircase with granite flooring
- High-quality garden fence according to planning
- Paving of the access road and footpaths
- Entrance steps with granite paving
- Garden terrace with granite paving or porcelain stoneware tiles and outside water connection
- High-quality garden fence as planned
- Optional according to contract plan: electrically operated satinised skylight dome

If you want to enjoy all the benefits of Glorit to the full and save yourself any work, then opt for the "turnkey" construction stage. This means you can make yourself really comfortable as soon as the keys are handed over.

In addition to the standard turnkey plus, our turnkey equipment includes
- Exclusive sanitary equipment from the Villeroy & Boch brand
- High-quality fittings from the Hansgrohe brand
- Spacious, flat cast mineral shower with frameless real glass enclosure
- Optional according to contract plan: Comfortable electric towel radiator in the bathroom
- Interior staircase from the carpenter in parquet wood design
- Interior doors with Kunex tubular chipboard door leaves (incl. cellar)
- Elegant porcelain stoneware tiles (incl. cellar and cellar stairs)
- Fine real wood floorboards from Austrian quality manufacturer

The equipment of the basement in prefabricated reinforced concrete construction depends on the desired design:

- Ready to finish plus: cement screed, underfloor heating and electrical installation in flush-mounted design and smooth wall and ceiling surfaces, walls and ceilings ready painted
- Turnkey also includes: floor tiles and interior doors

This is how you will enjoy going down (to the basement) in the future - and be proud of it! 

We install a wide variety of heat pumps and the latest technologies in our freehold flats. Most of these heat pump systems also cool the room down by a few degrees in summer via the underfloor heating. The particularly comfortable ceiling cooling ensures a pleasantly cool head, which is also wonderfully gentle on the body without cool draughts.    

In the Glorit houses, we equip all rooms (including the basement) with comfortable underfloor heating. This is fed by a modern and whisper-quiet air-to-water heat pump from Stiebel Eltron, which generally does not require an outdoor unit. Especially "cool": In summer, you can cool the room temperature down by up to approx. 3° Celsius with this system.

Air conditioning equipment varies from project to project. We equip the newer residential projects with ceiling cooling, which achieves similar cooling performance to air conditioning, but feels much more comfortable for the body.

In the houses, we always work with an air-to-water heat pump from Stiebel-Eltron, which can cool the room temperature down by up to approx. 3° Celsius in summer. Together with the roller shutters, this is sufficient for most people on most days of the year.

If your dream Glorit home does not have air conditioning and you really want to air-condition it, we can usually retrofit it. Feel free to talk to our team of consultants about the cool possibilities! 

When you buy a Glorit property, you acquire the land or building rights and the building from a single source. As a property developer, Glorit is subject to the Property Developer Contract Act (BTVG), which guarantees you even more security (see also "Payment according to construction progress"). In addition, property developers are obliged under the ABGB to provide a 3-year warranty for defects (from the time of handover). 

For you, this means that Glorit must rectify any defects that subsequently come to light and are attributable to faulty construction work for three years from the date of handover. What's more, thanks to our experienced employees and the high quality of the materials used, we are pleased that we hardly ever have to deal with defects. If it does happen, you can always rely on a high degree of goodwill in terms of your satisfaction, in addition to the statutory warranty regulations.

The Property Developer Contract Act (BTVG) is designed to protect you. Once the purchase contract has been signed, you transfer the purchase price to an escrow account managed by the builder and trustee. The entry in the land register is made immediately after the purchase price has been secured. 

The respective payments to Glorit are only released by this trustee after confirmation of the individual construction progress. Paragraph 10 of the BTVG stipulates that the agreed price is to be paid in installments, "which are only due after completion of the construction phases specified in paragraph 2":

  • 10% at the start of construction based on the legally valid building permit
  • 30 % on completion of the shell and the roof
  • 20 % on completion of the shell installation
  • 12 % on completion of the façade and windows, including glazing
  • 17 % upon completion of the occupancy or agreed early handover of the actual object of the contract
  • 9 % on completion of the entire facility and handover of the apartment
  • 2 % on handover

In general, payments can only be released by the trustee after confirmation of the respective construction progress. The confirmation of construction progress is issued by the customer or a state-authorized civil engineer for construction. The escrow agent shall only transfer the partial purchase price payment to Glorit once the construction progress confirmation has been received. The escrow account is secured by the Vienna Bar Association (RAK). This system guarantees you double security.

Glorit already owns or holds the building rights to the respective plots of land for all the projects on offer. This guarantees a reliable and secure realization of the project. The land is handed over free of encumbrances. The contractual implementation and entry in the land register are carried out by the trustee.

In Austria, a building right is the right to erect a building on another person's property - or under its surface. It is regulated in the Building Rights Act 1912 (BauRG). A building right is an inheritable and alienable right in rem.

Put simply, with a leasehold property you acquire the house or apartment and are the registered owner of the property. However, you do not become the owner of the land on which the house or apartment is built. Rather, you acquire the right to erect a building on this property. This building right is subject to a so-called leasehold interest, which you pay to the landowner (in the case of Glorit projects, usually the municipality or the Klosterneuburg Canons' Monastery). Your advantage: properties with leasehold are significantly cheaper in terms of the purchase price. The period of the leasehold for glorit projects is usually 100 years and can be extended with the landowner. 

An extension of the leasehold is usually possible and must be agreed directly with the landowner.

No. This is because the heir, buyer, etc. enters into the existing contractual relationship with all rights and obligations. The only possible adjustment to the leasehold interest rate is due to the indexation of the interest rate. 

A leasehold is entered in the land register by means of a separate leasehold insert and constitutes a right in rem (i.e. you can enforce this right against anyone). In this way, you can become the owner of a house without having to purchase the land.

A superädifikat is a building on third-party land which, according to the legislator, is not intended to remain permanently on the property. Classic examples of this would be market huts or, appropriately for Vienna, sausage stands. In contrast to building rights, a superädifikat is not entered in the land register.

Let's start with what doesn't apply: the estate agent's commission. All Glorit properties are offered free of commission. However, you can "still" rely on the sound and passionate advice of our consulting team.

Please note the following additional costs:

  • 3.5 % land transfer tax
  • 1.1 % registration fee (land register)
  • 1.5 % contract drafting fee (excl. VAT)
  • Notarization costs of the notary and cash expenses (individual)

It is necessary to establish condominium ownership both in the case of owner-occupied and leasehold properties if there are more than two residential properties in a single land register entry so that the buyer obtains a full right to the residential property they have purchased.

The shares in the land register are calculated on the basis of a utility value calculation prepared by a civil engineer. This shows the ratio of the ownership shares of the individual co-owners, which is also relevant for the distribution of the operating costs. Voting rights in the condominium owners' association are allocated to the condominium owners on a pro rata basis and not according to utility values. 

According to Austrian property law, a servitude is a limited right in rem to use third-party property. This applies, for example, to paths, water and electricity lines or sewage that are located on the property of one party and may also be used by other parties.

In principle, anyone can enclose their property in accordance with the legal provisions regarding height and appearance. In the case of condominiums, the enclosures are assigned to one party.