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Financing & Legal

Financing and legal issues are fundamental aspects when purchasing your dream property. Our reliable partners offer comprehensive consulting and financing services so that you feel comfortable even before you move in. Because perfect service starts with perfect consultation.

"It is particularly important for me, as a trustee and someone who draws up contracts, to work with partners who are both professional and reliable. The most important things if you want satisfied customers are having an uncompromising approach to quality and ensuring fair cooperation across the board when handling real estate transactions. Glorit is at the side of the customer right up until the keys are handed over, meaning that the customer secure their dream home ‘without any headaches’!"

Mag. Arno Pajek LL.M.

Kanzlei Rechtsanwalt Pajek // Lawyer

Plankengasse 7/2/27 | 1010 Vienna

"Especially in times like these, it is essential to have a competent, reliable and independent financing professional at your side when it comes to financing your own home. We develop tailor-made solutions for our customers so that their dream property can become a reality! The capital market and interest rate forecasts are very positive, with fixed interest rates starting at 3.25 % and interim financing for existing properties that are to be sold. There are also big differences in interest rates between the banks - here we score with more than 80 partners in Austria and Germany and can therefore offer the best product for our customers."

Annemarie Hillinger

REALfinanz Baufinanzierungsberatung // Leiterin alternativer Vertrieb Büro Wien

Seilergasse 3/3/Top 16 | 1010 Vienna

Pablo Viveros.png
"At Infina, we follow the credo: every customer has the right to the best loan." With fixed interest rates (currently at 3.25%), we have been able to satisfy countless Glorit customers in the past. The current sharp rise in customer inquiries also suggests that customers are responding to the media reports (falling inflation, etc.) and are increasingly looking for home financing again - now is the right time to buy real estate again!

Pablo Viveros, MSc

Viveros GmbH

Kolschitzkygasse 15/14-15 | 1040 Wien

"An increasingly attractive interest rate landscape is now making it possible once again to fulfill the dream of owning your own four walls. The joy of financing, four decades of experience and the ability to offer the entire Austrian and German financing market guarantee individual and optimally tailored financing models for our customers. We look forward to providing you with the best possible support for your project."

Johannes Schreiner, BA, CFM

Pronegg & Schreiner GmbH // Selbstständiger Kooperationspartner der FINANZFUCHSGRUPPE GmbH

Feldgasse 58/1 | 2230 Gänserndorf

Niederösterreichische Versicherung has been living the values of responsibility, trust and cohesion for 100 years. As the market leader in Lower Austria, we work - together with the insurance broker KOBAN SÜDVERS - to support GLORIT in insurance matters. With our modernly designed products, we have the right offer for every area of life. We are also happy to be your reliable partner for your household insurance and in general when it comes to insurance and provision.

Niederösterreichische Versicherung AG I KOBAN SÜDVERS GmbH

Neue Herrengasse 10, 3100 St. Pölten I Kopfgasse 7, 1130 Wien

"I have been working alongside Glorit helping it handle and finance residential properties for a number of years now. My experience with Glorit is that it is a competent and reliable partner that can be taken at its word. I look forward to continuing our partnerships in keeping with the spirit of working together."

Prok. Christine Wiesinger, CFM

Raiffeisenbank Korneuburg eGen - Kompetenzzentrum // Commercial Client Relationship Manager (RC), Head of Corporate Client Services

Stockerauer Straße 94 | 2100 Korneuburg

"We have been working with Glorit in a manner characterised by mutual trust and appreciation since 2003. In our capacity as a regionally anchored local bank, we support Glorit e.g. in its residential construction and property acquisition undertakings and we have been able to contribute to the company’s impressive expansion in recent years as a strong, reliable partner. As bank advisors, we appreciate the high degree of professionalism and the value of the word of the two Managing Directors Stefan Messar and Lukas Sattlegger."

Prok. Mag. Thomas Aschauer, MLS I Prok. Mag. Birgit Heiter-Habermann, MBA

Raiffeisenlandesbank Niederösterreich-Wien AG

Friedrich-Wilhelm-Raiffeisen-Platz 1 | 1020 Vienna

"We have been at the side of Glorit Bausysteme GmbH as a banking partner for many years and hold the company in high esteem thanks to its reliability, professionalism and innovative strength. In our capacity as a sustainably-minded regional bank, we see it as one of our core tasks to support companies on their journey of responsible sustainability."

Mag. Anton Seebacher

BKS Bank // Head of Directorate

1010 Vienna | Renngasse 6-8

"Over 1,100 BDO employees across 11 locations throughout Austria are on hand to ensure our clients achieve corporate success. BDO always has the right expert contact and future-proof solutions to offer, be it for auditing and audit-related services, tax and commercial law consulting or advisory services. Personal support, reliability and adherence to the highest standards as well as the company’s membership in the competitive international BDO network are precisely what ensure that our services are specifically tailored to the client’s individual needs. BDO is the first port of call if you are looking for a partner to ensure your corporate success. With numerous locations, our roots are local and our knowledge of the conditions in the region is sound. But at the same time, internationality is also an important aspect of the services we offer. We are member of the international BDO network (1963) with over 115.600 employees across 166 countries, it is currently the only globally active auditing and consulting organisation with European roots. We can always offer the perfect point of contact for your needs – any subject, anywhere in the world."

Dr. Christoph Pramböck | Partner | Steuerberater und Wirtschaftsprüfer

BDO Austria GmbH - Wirtschaftsprüfungs- und Steuerberatungsgesellschaft

QBC 4 I Am Belvedere 4 | 1010 Vienna

"Bankhaus Spängler sets standards for wealth, Glorit sets standards for dream homes. As a long-standing family business with a stable ownership structure, we are also characterized by a focus on the big picture and award-winning advice. Our cooperation is characterized by decency, trust and active dialogue."

Bankhaus Spängler

Stephansplatz 3a | 1010 Vienna

Rainer Stelzer.png
„WE make it possible - This self-confident yet optimistic approach to projects characterizes our work as a bank. It is an expression of our respectful approach to customers and partner companies and our continuous striving for quality and excellent results. In this sense, it also describes our successful collaboration with Glorit. It is also based on shared values such as trust, innovative strength and sustainability and is characterized by constructive cooperation and a strong creative will."

KR Mag. Rainer Stelzer, MBA

Raiffeisen-Landesbank Steiermark AG // Managing Board Director

Radetzkystraße 15 | 8010 Graz