Customer satisfaction is more than just a number. It is a reflection of our commitment to quality and customer service. The opinions and experiences of our customers are invaluable to us, as they not only confirm the high quality of our work, but are also an important driver for continuous improvement.

Florian-Berndl-Gasse 37.jpg
Family Breitenfelder
Project Florian-Berndl-Gasse
"I always thought I had to move to the south to find a dream flat right by the water. Well, I was wrong! We still live in Vienna and still enjoy a fantastic beach feeling on the Old Danube. That's what we were looking for and quickly found with Glorit."
Mario Östreicher
Project Greinzgasse
"We are sooo happy to have ultimately bought from Glorit. Everything worked perfectly for us here. The optimal price-performance ratio and the competent advice from the salesperson. What else impressed us about this company was the support after the house was handed over. Every member of staff has an open ear for our questions and concerns. "
Chiara Pfiffer_Szoeke.jpeg
Chiara Piffer
Project Donaufelder Straße
"An apartment is only really suitable if it has been planned properly. And in our case, the room layout is truly optimal. The entire floor space is utilised so optimally that the flat looks even bigger than it already is. Respect!"
Else G.
Project Anton-Baumgartner-Str.
"Yes, Glorit is not inexpensive. But if you consider the finish down to the last detail and the luxurious fittings, right down to the kitchen and bathroom, you have to say: Glorit is absolutely worth the price!"
Family K.
Project Heustadelgasse
"A new home is always a big investment. Accordingly, this step must be carefully considered. We opted for Glorit because we are sure that it is not only a highly secure investment, but also a highly cosy one."
Mazyar M._Szoeke.jpg
Mazyar M.
Project Industriestraße
"A Glorit house is certainly not inexpensive. But it is not low-quality either, but very high standard. The kitchen, floors, tiles and bathroom are extremely durable. And that saves you a lot of money on renovations and replacements over the years."
Hovenweg 32
Mrs. W.
Project Hovenweg 32
"Small mistakes can happen. That's human nature. The important thing is how you deal with them. And that was really exemplary. Everything was completed within a very short time by site manager Mr Friedrich and my consultant Mr Nuster. Without discussion, quickly and absolutely perfectly."
Patrick Derbic
Project Anton-Baumgartner-Straße 19
"My wife and I have been living in a Glorit apartment for 2 years now and are still delighted with it - no negative surprises in the first year, as you often read about with other property developers. Glorit, especially Mr Frühmann, accompanied us all the way without being intrusive and their helpfulness and openness were one of the reasons why we chose Glorit. If we were looking for an apartment again, Glorit would be our first choice!"